Rail freight transport

We offer the delivery of your goods from China to Moscow:

  • by direct train to Vorsino and Khovrino stations,
  • from China to Vladivostok by sea + Vladivostok-Silikatnaya(Moscow) by train,
  • by train through Kazakhstan.

We will help you to calculate the most profitable route based on the location of the shipper’s factory in China.

You can check the current delivery rates with us any time – we will be very happy to help you.

The China-Moscow railway is becoming an increasingly interesting and competitive mode of transport from east to west, challenging airlines and shipping lines.

Previously, rail transportation was not only more expensive, but also slower than sea. Now transit time from China to Moscow is only 14-17 days. Cost is also constantly decreasing, although not as fast as we would like. Rail transport is more environmentally friendly mode of transport than air and sea transport. We always find suitable solutions for our customers, and our partners in China will be happy to help in all local operations.

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